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Goethe’s theory of colour

Goethe’s theory of colour – Applied by Maria schindler


foreword – “Colours should not be studied theoretically but under the living conditions where they make their appearances.”


“The general cultural life of mankind arises through the individual work of geniuses whether they express themselves through poetry, drama, philosophy, or any of the arts and sciences…….. They are timeless, and no national barriers can limit their universal beneficence. History records again and again what sacrifices have been made to rescue and preserve those thaw ere in danger of being forgotten…..

In years to come we shall still need them all, for the rebuilding of our faith in the reality of human progress.”


‘The method described in this book is based on the fact that ‘man is inherently creative’ and that to live a balanced life this creativeness must be given a chance to develop. In one way or another this holds good for any human being in whatever social condition he may live and whatever occupation he may follow.”


pg 3 ” In modern cities however, the colourless begins to predominate.More and more we seem to live in a world that is grey. The conditions of our technical civilisation warn us that there is a gradual elimination of the general feeling for colour.”


pg 5 ” The trust great impulse in misdirection was given by Neutrons explanation of their appearance in the prism, that they are the result of the splitting up of white light into its component parts.”


pg 50 ” Now not only does the eye answer to colour with colour but it also reacts to light with darkness and to darkness with light.”


pg 65 – 66 ‘inharmonious’ combinations

“.yellow and orange. It is difficult to suggest a form for these two colours. There is so ugh light in them that they seem to spread themselves out and stream away. but after some concentration one finds them fascinating because of their very elusiveness and their cheerful effect.

. orange and red. Both colours are excessively active. They can be magnificent when they appear side by side and together rule the field of vision, but without the softening influence of any other colours they are too irritating.

. Red and violet. Produce a strong but sombre picture, having power and severity. Important and weighty things can be expressed with these colours. With their dignifies beauty and intensity they can make one feel strong.

. Violet and blue. Are easy to manipulate into forms. The softening of the blue receives warmth from the red in the violet. Something of longing, and of in wardens. One feels in a dream – like mood.

. Blue and green. These can produce a picture of nature wherein there is no place for man. We feel dissatisfied and strange in the presence of these colours.

.Green and yellow. We abandon the sub-terrestrial mood that belongs o the green and the blue. New life begins to predominate more.”

With reading this book nothing but the pure expression of rolling my eyes. ¬†I couldn’t quote most of this book because the expression used throughout some would call passion through colours and art i would just say what are you on about.??? Colours are colours yes they do represent certain feelings that have evolved through experiences and time, but the way this book is sheer embarrassment to read. I simply will not read any further as the person who wrote simply needs to get out a bit more either that or calm down on the medication. Theres a limit to passion on ¬†subjects where you just come across needy and desperate to have your thought out there, when lets face it your talking about colour. Colour which is perceived different from each individual, so there can never really be just one perception on one colour.