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plan of action

Summary Description:
Using social experiences as a backdrop for my design (bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other leisure activities)
Exploring social behaviour and the choices people make and the boundaries of what society believe is right and wrong
What is acceptable?
We view the world from a distance and have no qualms about taking pleasure from others misdemeanours (TOWIE, etc other examples)
Using findings from my research about behaviour I want to explore new avenues for design that engage with these taboo boundaries.
The subjects themselves provide the potential fro interesting design material. Combinations of subjects blend outcomes that provide opportunities and unique connections to be made. How will people behave when they are given the freedom to explore their own ethical codes? Are they misbehaving or just finding ways to break through the rules society has imposed. Is this simply what we call inhibition?
I have chosen the Seven Deadly sins as a starting point and developed a new narrative through blending and questioning.
I explore all this through the medium of design.
Intend to Learn?
Is society shifting? Reshapinng? Defining new boundaries? As designer I need to be informed and my project will help to highlight what may be on the horizon in terms of social acceptance (recent news)
Exploring social boundaries through the medium of design. Using design to question whether notions of right and wrong are moving?
Need plans of Miller Arcade
Need to model whole building
Need to also consider developing a crafted model.