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envy – insight

Beauty habits have become a new ritual, We always make sure we look our best but is this true. Envy has driven us to be a darker shade of orange, have chemicals pumped into our skin to make us look younger. Madness has taken over, in this scene a beauty salon which thrives with envy is stripped of all colour just black and white to illuminate the green glow of envy radiating from the customers.

. The beauty raceme has taken over both sexes of society, we have become obsessed with how we look, but is spending more time on outer appearance effecting how we behave in our inner selves, becoming selfish and and lacking in other ambitions?

. Creating this environment where the control has been taken away, and our grooming habits are in control of other envy. will this better our inner selfs in making others happy or will we give in to envy and make others disappointed.

. Using the research of behaviour in our role models these days the people of who we look up to for inspiration and the image they are moulding our society into.

sloth is a matter of time – insight

Sloth is the most docile and tranquil sin, because with sloth you sit back and watch all the other sins take place without interfering. Within the arcade I have turned sloth into a solitary place with private booths but no so private that you can’t be observed during the sloth act. Sloth will be placed high in the arcade so there is a complete view of all the other sins. This is to replicate hanging around the tree tops. In this space it to maintain peace and gather your thoughts for a while whether it’s on your lunch break or just to escape from reality for a while.


.Thinking into the research of sloth its a sense of lost time and no acknowledgement of time slowly disappearing, the thought that this is taking place within the whole arcade rather than one space.

.Using research into how casinos design their environments to make people stay there longer without acknowledgement of what time of day it is. And use these findings into designing the miller arcade.

seeing red – insight

Anger is one of the worst sins as when pride and envy  take place the only people who gets hurt is yourself, but with wrath your sin hurts others this is what makes wrath one of the worst sins. Seeing red is an expression of anger, we have all had those moments where we see red and need an outlet. Boxing, martial combat are all forms of controlling anger and expressing yourself in a controlled environment. Another expression of wrath is letting of steam, we need to calm/ relax before we can maintain our day to day behaviour. Inside the combat room there is a steam room to “let of steam” and then return to the life of other sins.

.This is an intense environment to trigger the anger emotions.

. The reaction of the steam release from a powerful hit is the reaction happening in this room, making people aware of the sin anger and how often it is happening.

. Trying to create such an environment of anger and intensity then once you have left this space the sin has been left in the space and society becomes a calmer place.

. Using research from colour research and research into emotions set off by design this environment will pulsate in anger but as you move through the motion of anger to the steam , the environment will become less intense.

Tea and greed – insight

There is a  tradition in America for coffee shops. This tradition is now taken a grip in Britain the greed of a Starbucks and costa on every street corner. The expansion is driven by greed by the extrusion of the corporate companies we find it very difficult to resist this greed.

I have challenged the coffee tradition by interpreting the traditional english tea house, where a british tea house might of been quite formal i have reinvented the tea house in a more colourful and playful way, introducing a teacup ride at its heart.The project feeds on greed.With the sin greed i have added the tradition of britain and taking away the coffee and bringing back the fun with tea and cake.. I love the fun of this design , it is little crazy idea but it is a test for the sin greed.The carousel provides opportunities for the customers to take a balcony view of other sin driven activities in the arcade. The oversized cupcakes are in fact huge over sized cake dip lays to tempt customers to consume more cake.

The challenge through this design is also promotion but not promotion of product but what the product means our british values.

. Creating this fun environment is a reminder that as a society we need not loose our traditional values but enjoy them.

. The luring advertisement of cakes galore and then to face the spinning tea cup ride which over seas the rest of the miller arcade is a challenge in its self.

. This is a bright fun environment to try not to over indulge on greed before the the ride takes a hold of you.

fitness club – insight

With the sin of pride vanity is a major issue these days. People are taking pride in their appearance to the extreme. People are willing to undertake cosmetic procedures that will change their appearance forever. Fakery is everywhere. This fitness club is an attempt to put people back to the right path of pride where you have to work to achieve a desired look.I designed the concept of the fetish club below using the power of pride enabling the lust with the added extreme of the jacuzzi being in view, the pride of people taking pride in their appearance and using this to tempt lust through the viewers below.


. The challenge in this design is to influence people to behave in a certain way, to make them want to work harder to achieve their fitness goal rather than tai the easy route of cosmetic quick fix. How can you influence a society into getting them to act a certain way?

Through my psychology research in product promotion within stores and their products i will use this with fitness promotion throughout the miller arcade and fitness club. also with reverse psychology of de-promoting cosmetic quick fix as bad and the wrong decision.

. The play with the fetish club within this space is a lure into the fitness club it brings the element of fun and being playful within this space.

.Connecting pride and lust together is really fitting as they play together pride in ones self triggers a lust element in another.

. The main challenge that i am dealing with in design within this environment is self promotion, using the people within this environment as the good promotion of this space. I am doing so with research into product promotion and how advertising works.

fetish club – insight

This conceptual design deals with the sin lust. Rather than creating a dark and dingy bar where people play out there sins, this is a club/ shop where people go to learn about the experience and watch others engaging in all aspects of fetishes. There are various props and specialised environments available in the club which have been designed with the intention of involving a number of club visitors together. My favourite part of this design is at the rear of the club where a jacuzzi hangs down from the floor above.Here fitness club visitors using the jacuzzi will be on view  for the whole fetish club to admire. So the sin pride used in the fitness club is plays upon the emotions of the fetish club visitors who lust over the bodies on show.


. This space deals with bringing out the elephant in the room.

.   With our obsession with such shows at the only way is essex,made in Chelsea, Geordie shore and big brother. We have no problem indulging on these reality shows behind closed doors, but what will happen when reality is put in a social experience.?

. This space is to challenge the reaction of societies dirty secrets, putting on display for all to see will this change the way we act within society or the values on which we indulge behind closed doors.

. Will reality be to realistic for society?  i intend to create a survey on this space and put it to the public to see how they would react to such an environment, to determine if we can be entertained on live reality within a social experience.