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research for second semester

Space and Place – setting the stage for social interaction

Eva Hornecker

“Spatial Interaction

We cannot escape spatiality: we are spatial beings, live, and meet each other in space. Space never is meaningless; it always surrounds us; it is our habitat. Our body is the central reference point for perception. Movement and perception are tightly coupled and we interpret spatial qualities (or positioning of other objects) in relation to our own body. Spatial qualities therefore have psychological meaning – space can feel protectively enclosing or claustrophobic, objects and people are near or far, large objects tower over smaller ones, protect or crush them.

Real space is also always inhabited and situated, becoming place [2, 6, 17]. By inhabiting space, we appropriate it, interpret it and give it meaning. Place is always situated, the environmental context affects meaning. The entrance to a building affects our perception and shapes expectations, changing how we perceive an object that we find inside. Orchestrating this embeddedness into context can be an integral part of design. Real places furthermore have an atmosphere as a result of a complex interplay of social factors, aesthetical, and physical factors of the setting.

Spatial interaction is observable and acquires performative aspects [13, 14]. Visibility contributes to account-ability [13], implicitly requiring vindication of public action. Seeing actions unfold aids anticipation and improves peripheral awareness. Performative actions take part in shaping atmosphere and how we encounter other humans. We encounter objects and people in space. They have material/physical presence (demanding our attention) – we meet them face to face, feel their (potential) resistance to our actions, feel the atmosphere they emit like an aura, and

resonate with [17]. Social effects of sharing space are intimacy, social nearness and a higher tendency to cooperate. Being in the same place is a reciprocal situation where seeing implies being seen [13, 14]. This creates both vulnerability and trust [17].

When engaging in tangible interaction, this usually means moving objects around or moving oneself. Configurability refers to the meaningful re-arrangement of (significant) objects, giving the user control over the environment, enhancing engagement, supporting explorative behavior or providing thinking aids (external representations) [4, 12].

Bodily interaction (manipulation, movement, gesture) is experienced as enlivening. It stimulates mental energy, enhances engagement and is expressive. It is part of expert skill, and also a means of self-expression. Bodily interaction is highly performative and supports implicit coordination. The size of interaction spaces/objects influences bodily interaction style. Movement furthermore leads to bodily appropriation of space (taking ownership).

The main concepts for this theme are:

Inhabited Space: Do people and objects meet? Is it a meaningful place?

Configurable Materials: Does shifting stuff (or your own body) around have meaning? Can we configure the space at all and appropriate it by doing so?

Non-Fragmented Visibility: Can everybody see what’s happening and follow the visual references?

Full-Body Interaction: Can you use your whole body? “

DODO designs in the MA exhibition

This time next year i will have finished and presented my MA exhibition. So exciting and nerve-racking. Here are some images from this years MA designs

the creators of this exhibition are my favourite designers from the show dodo designs.

Go check out DODO’s blog and see what  else they are up to.

dodo’s blog

Dodo designs are amazing and well thought out, they put so much effort into getting their design exhibition perfect, and they achieved it well done to dodo designs I hope you get the mark you deserve.

The whole exhibition piece in view.

“Here is some information about the project:

Dodo Lab is a research project set up to find ways of regenerating old and unwanted pieces of furniture. The experimental nature of the project has led to us keeping prototype (1, 2 & 3 etc) as the name for each of the pieces. Each prototype comes with a QR (Quick Response) Code that unites the prototypes past, present, and future. By scanning the barcode with a smartphone you unlock information about its former life also allowing the new owner to contribute to its ongoing narrative. This adds intrigue and a unique human history to the once neglected objects, making them valuable and special once more. The Prototypes can only be bought by swapping services or by doing a good deed, much like designers within their working environment, therefore the only currency used is the swap or deed itself.”

vino by the tree

quirky wall designs

A girls head has exploded

It really is like a girls head has exploded, and i love it i really could live with this design.

I saw this and thought of you

I found this on another blog I absolutely love this design, it’s so quirky yet subtle. I love it!

7 sins


There is no reason you should not enjoy your own genuine abilities and genuine achievements. “Pride” is not a sin when it merely involves taking satisfaction in a job done well — nobody ever hurt anybody else over this. But we make ourselves and others unhappy by demanding attention and recognition, or by not asking for help and guidance when we need it.


 Everybody knows how miserable we make ourselves when we compare ourselves unfavorably to others. Perhaps we learn to do this when our parents try to influence our behavior by making comparisons with kids that they want us to be like. And it’s human nature to want what others have, especially when we consider ourselves better-qualified and more deserving.

Envy is always painful (unlike pride), and it’s caused many people to do horrible things… and even to be pleased that they have done so.


Wrath, like envy, has a lot to do with what’s wrong in our world. And it’s not confined to egalitarian societies. Now, communities do not have to be passive when they are wronged. Usually there are laws to help us, and democracies seem to be respectful of the legitimate interests of their minorities. But people may define themselves in terms of their individual or group hatreds.

We all get angry. We need to be able to do this in order to survive and to communicate.


Traditional depictions of sloth are laziness, the person who doesn’t do his or her job or attend to the household needs.


To always want more of everything nothing is ever enough.


Better known as addiction these days.There is no need to explain how addictions of all kinds hurt those around the addict. The usual cure for an addiction is another addiction.The good addictions are as much fun as the bad ones, and are much better for me and those around me.


In Dante’s story about the ascent to heaven, he discovers that some souls avoid some of the deadly sins, but that every adult does at least some penance for sexual misbehavior.Only a few religionists insist that all sexual expression be within marriage and only for the purpose of bearing children. But many (not all) forms of sexual expression are likely to hurt people. Today we’re told (wrongly, I think) that we’re not complete, fulfilled people if we do not “get our loving”, or that we do not need to love responsibly.

Why am i looking into the 7 deadly sins – because this has a huge part in my semester 1 brief and also the issues of todays society e.g. the riots happened recently this would have been fuelled b a sin.


My research is focused more on Los carpinteros at the moment as their work amazes and inspires me. Here are some examples of their inspirational designs.

create your own skyline

BYB is a Brooklyn based company that designs pillows featuring original photography of buildings, including apartment buildings and businesses. The idea is so that everyone can choose the designs and colors that inspire them and then build a custom street on their bed or couch.

                   Designer: Patrick Chirico (United States)

Inspired By: Brooklyn brownstones and bodegas


favourite interior designs of the day

My favourite design for today is….The dark cold textures used on the walls and flooring is bursting with warmth from the vibrant bathroom vanities. The glossy pink and white material soften the dark grey tiles. The floral design imprinted on the walls and floor connect the design throughout the room. Thus giving the room a bold statement of a design.