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Marks and Spencer competition entry

This was my entry for the biscuit tin design competition, unfortunately i did not hear back and will be interesting to see the chosen winner at christmas 2012 in stores.

design in a box

an element of multiplication a design in a box and with the lighting it makes it seem as there is a never ending multiplication which way in which way out, you loose  what is real and what is reflection.



lets bring a little clarity too design… a fresh white background with the colour of spring to represent the growth of design, translucency of the glass means the delicate ness of our environment. Lets treat all designs as if we start with a blank canvas and it has a fresh perspective and evolves through out the process.

beautiful designs

cathrine summers designs are beautiful and quirky.Catherine Summers Is a designer and illustrator, she works from home in Manchester and her first collection is a range of white ceramics with black illustrations. The animal heads are representations of people who have been influential in to her life , she has drawn animals that most closely resemble the physical appearance or personality traits of my favorite ( or not so favorite ) people , and please don’t ask because I could not possibly tell you who they are !

Her quirky designs are unique and hand drawn and Is am adding to the collection all the time , the ceramics are fine bone china and as the designs are added by hand each one is slightly different. I hope you like them . To see more or purchase theses beautiful designs see this link


raw urban meets delicate design

The raw urban background design combined with the delicate smooth design of the bubble chairs. The solid exposed brick is the representation of raw society in poorer cities, the delicate designed bubble chairs is the metaphorical representation of what we as a society are doing, living in our own perspective bubbles of our view of what is happening to our rundown cities, until we look through the clear glass and realise how delicate the perspective is and we need to start changing the way we view our cities.

metaphorical high society

With some people’s ones class gains them more respect, and what better way to show class than through design using rich colours and expensive materials clearly state that they are high in class and can expense it. The bronze ornate detail shown on the chair structure and chandelier design, the intracity of design shows detail to money and time for it being made. The rich red material emphasises wealth and purity to a royal status clear states that the design is for a higher class of social status and has no consciousness is stating this.

metaphorical psyche in design

A spacial design representing the object. The chair is a commonly used design for a chair used for psychiatrists. In that environment, the spot light is on you everything in that room is all about you and your thoughts, the design fades away and it is just the object and you. The lighting  is a metaphorical purpose of the spot light. The use of colour in this design is a metaphor for the atmosphere with the space. The darkness of the space is representing the depth of the human psyche and the light and pureness of the material on the chair is the purity of discussing one thoughts and the clarity it reveals later.

much better

could be better if i could work this mac