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Using all space available

“Designed by a group of Dutch architects and designers of the firm MVRDV, these
are Wozoco’s Apartments: our second weirdo in Amsterdam,
Netherlands – the Dutch rule too! A pretty funky architecture fit for a
college’s design department dorm, you’d think? Nope, they are for the elderly
Dutch people! The designers description, weirdly, could almost be describing a
space station: “We combine the technique of assemblage with strong zoning
envelopes, often discovered through a recombination of program and site-specific
elements.” Yup, it’s hip to be square in Amsterdam.”

Space is becoming  harder and harder to find, this building design is an insight into using the available air space. In the future we will have to look more and more into using air space for design as over crowding will be an issue with housing and cities.

This is a good start into looking how to solve this problem but how much light would these obscure apartments block from the other inside homes?