fitness club – insight

With the sin of pride vanity is a major issue these days. People are taking pride in their appearance to the extreme. People are willing to undertake cosmetic procedures that will change their appearance forever. Fakery is everywhere. This fitness club is an attempt to put people back to the right path of pride where you have to work to achieve a desired look.I designed the concept of the fetish club below using the power of pride enabling the lust with the added extreme of the jacuzzi being in view, the pride of people taking pride in their appearance and using this to tempt lust through the viewers below.


. The challenge in this design is to influence people to behave in a certain way, to make them want to work harder to achieve their fitness goal rather than tai the easy route of cosmetic quick fix. How can you influence a society into getting them to act a certain way?

Through my psychology research in product promotion within stores and their products i will use this with fitness promotion throughout the miller arcade and fitness club. also with reverse psychology of de-promoting cosmetic quick fix as bad and the wrong decision.

. The play with the fetish club within this space is a lure into the fitness club it brings the element of fun and being playful within this space.

.Connecting pride and lust together is really fitting as they play together pride in ones self triggers a lust element in another.

. The main challenge that i am dealing with in design within this environment is self promotion, using the people within this environment as the good promotion of this space. I am doing so with research into product promotion and how advertising works.


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