Monthly Archives: May 2012

green is the new orange

Beauty habits have become a new ritual, We always make sure we look our best but is this true. Envy has driven us to be a darker shade of orange, have chemicals pumped into our skin to make us look younger. Madness has taken over, in this scene a beauty salon which thrives with envy is stripped of all colour just black and white to illuminate the green glow of envy radiating from the customers.


you spin me right round baby right round

Another idea for a way to move around the floors within the miller arcade is a rotating booth, with the possibility that the booth could be hired out and used to observe the sins within this confined space. It would slowly move up and down whilst turning for complete 360 view of all the sins.

Hanging in the trees with sloth

Sloth is the most docile and tranquil sin, because with sloth you sit back and watch all the other sins take place without interfering. Within the arcade I have turned sloth into a solitary place with private booths but no so private that you can’t be observed during the sloth act. Sloth will be placed high in the arcade so there is a complete view of all the other sins. This is to replicate hanging around the tree tops. In this space it to maintain peace and gather your thoughts for a while whether it’s on your lunch break or just to escape from reality for a while.

Its how we move around

moving around this building i want to create a up is down atmosphere, where you move around the entire building viewing all the theatricals of sin. In order to go up the building you have to go down the stairs through the basement and back up through various sections. I also want a extravagant lift/viewing system for example my first idea was a wheel in the centre of the building whilst having the option of stepping onto the wheel and viewing your surroundings.

seeing red

Anger is one of the worst sins as when pride and envy ┬átake place the only people who gets hurt is yourself, but with wrath your sin hurts others this is what makes wrath one of the worst sins. Seeing red is an expression of anger, we have all had those moments where we see red and need an outlet. Boxing, martial combat are all forms of controlling anger and expressing yourself in a controlled environment. Another expression of wrath is letting of steam, we need to calm/ relax before we can maintain our day to day behaviour. Inside the combat room there is a steam room to “let of steam” and then return to the life of other sins.