Damien Hirst – The first look

Whats the start of the show – “It starts with embarrassment and ends with hope” After what was considered a failure of the freeze exhibition it gave Damien the incentive to make contemporary that you could not ignore.

“I think it’s just babbling of the mind can’t you just focus and make some proper art” well said Damien i think you should take your own advice, but while the saps with money are willing to pay why bother?

“Love it or hate it along as you can’t get it out of your head” this is true generally the things that annoy you or you disagree with tend to stick in your head more than the things you enjoy and i think this is what contemporary art is about, alienating people enough it gets such a big audience then people then believe for this that people enjoy it, but it hunk its out love of hate that is drying this theme an i stick to my guns when i say it is a waste of money to panda on these meaningless subjects.

How is this man a millionaire? people paying for these abstract things this says nothing but the pretentious sheep that people have become.” you take two meaningless objects put them together and they create meaning” their we have it the words i have been searching for, now it does not mean they suddenly have meaning, they put the flavours cherry and coke together its nice but it doesn’t suddenly men there is meaning, as coke is coke and will always be more successful as the original and cherry flavour has many different uses so keeping thing separate and within their own uses means they are more meaningful in there created sense not by placing to meaningless objects and then there’s a revelation because a person believes there is and idea from doing this.

For the love of god – this cost 14 million pounds to make. The skull is about immortality.

The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living – brian sewell art critic what you have is a shark a big fish in a tank of formaldehyde how does it become a work of art?

What you can’t take away is Damien really believes that tho is art i think it is more to do with his fascination of fear with a shark than art itself, and itself is not an original idea as this has been done before. But i  have to agree with the critic just by placing this in an art gallery does not then make it art itself.

A thousand years – Even this piece shocks Damien, A box hatching maggots into flies, a rotting cows head, And a bug killer, it’s a gruesome life circle.

I do get the whole circle of life reference but however this is forced, and whether i is just a flies life you should not play god and produce the flies entrap them for a show to then kill them that is total representation of you enabling a god act, this truly can not be called a work of art.

Mother and child divided – “Its amazing what you can do with an E in a level art, a twisted imagination and a chain saw” i couldn’t area more this piece as disturbing as it is quite fascinating but i can’t help feel it belongs in a museum of learning rather than being called an art piece.

spot painting – he only ever did 20 paintings himself before he handed them over to his assistants how then can he claim this is his exhibition when other people are creating the art in subject? He doesn’t even seem to have a reason for making this, he prefers colour over people so lets paint a load of dots over the walls shall we? “i hate people” then why make millions off people because we are pretentious enough to believe that these are works or art with meaning when they appear to be neither.? He seems in awe of his own work which to be fair we should all be fair of our accomplishments but these are simply dots on a wall which you make other people paint because you haven’t got the patience. I think i would rather frame a twister matt.

“Is there anything in them other than he spots, does it matter how big the spots are does it mean anything” Brian sewell


In and out of love – He moved is obsession with flies then onto butterflies, dead butterflies are fixed onto canvas, in the other they are born, How is this art go to any zoo or natural exhibit this is not an original thought this is just nature trapped in a room. “Butterflies give us hope because they look alive when dead.””Its just a butterfly house isn’t it?” the words spoken by Damien why would you admit this that it isn’t in fact art you have just placed this for a random idea.

They keep saying kids love this is this all Damien creates art for to entertain children, just because it entertains the innocence of children dos not make it good art.

Turning cigarette buts into sculpture – It seems all Damien does is go look at other artists do their work with a slight element change, and he admits the title for one of his cigarette pieces where it is just a desk with an ashtray and cigarettes on was not his thought for a title but someone else’s. Can this man think of an original idea for a meaningful purpose. or lets create anything with a title that is more interesting than the piece of so-called art its self.

pills – the  temple to our belief of the power of pills, seriously you have created a pharmacy another duplicate idea, the idea that the promise of these tablets block out the fear of what they can do for us. I do get the emphasise to death but seriously create something do not simply duplicate a pharmacy and place it in an art gallery.

angel –

I think the fact that Noel Fielding presented this documentary was a spot on character defence to the audience that thrives on these products, the weird, insane and the ones off their heads on drugs that find entertainment is meaningless subjects.


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