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Tate liverpool review

I left a comment to Tate liverpool on exactly what I thought of their exhibits and I asked for a response. I am still waiting for this response …

balloons scare me but i love this idea

surreal photography

people please this is what we call art – Tate Liverpool

I recently visited Tate liverpool, and i truly cannot understand how thee objects,so-called sculptures and displays are called art and are a form of entertainment. Is this what modern society has resorted to disgusting discarded objects then displayed now with a new name of art, and this is without considering the money and the space that are thrown willingly at theses meaningless products. With out economy in such a crisis then why is this absurd creation being applauded and Aude. Really can you call these unique,diverse art even contemporary art?

what inspires you?

Right people i am asking YOU….. all designers out there what inspires you? i want images i want websites lets collaborate people…

pop design


regeneration for the next generation


love suspended

Marks and Spencer competition entry

This was my entry for the biscuit tin design competition, unfortunately i did not hear back and will be interesting to see the chosen winner at christmas 2012 in stores.

shelving design ideas

Design ideas for the fashion stand to display merchandise and products throughout all 8 fashion courses.