Arches always remind me of a story each one ears you further into the story. With the graffiti and the angle of the camera you early could tell a story with graffiti or lead people which ever way you wanted them to go.

looking at the two images above Debenhams and prim ark layout look exactly the sam externally, because we all know internally they are very different but why isn’t this represented on the exterior, both in tall high buildings with the same amount of window displays nothing really unique about the windows themselves.

Urban outfitters does have a unique exterior pops in and out with the window displays giving the exterior a texture and a presence on the high street. Using bright colours to attract more attention to its self. Illuminated lighting signs highly visualising the uniqueness and style of the store.

There is definitely something magical and mystical about these archways, as if they away leading into the future away from the past and present.

Burton brand themselves well with there window displays they clearly show there sophisticated style of brand in a sensible yet stylish manner.

Looking into Debenhams window displays they are very disappointing here just seem quite randomly layer out as if they are trying to cram as many products in there window as possible.


I have never heard of the shop before but this window display is hilarious and definitely grabs my attention.

Until about a year ago I am ashamed to admit I thought urbis was that patch of grass beside the building as most youths comment that’s were they are hanging out it never occurred to me to look to the side at this gigantic building, i can’t tell if that says something about me or how the building stands out.

Directing the way in which people walk, put a fountain of water shooting up not ashamed to say i have tried to walk through this just to be different and see if the fountain gets me.


playing with reflections in big cities are essential giving the elusion of duplicity and being larger than it already exists.


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