through the looking glass

lights camera action, this window display really brings the store to life. Making the mannequins use life like poses as if trying to attempt to steal the items that the shop is selling. This is good as it clearly shows what products are on sale whilst luring customers in with there witty display.

The animal masks on humans has always give me the creeps there is something surreal about them, as i know they are really human but project the imagery of animals with human abilities. They show an item of clothing but not enough to show what the show is about, the mystery about what treasure the shop could hold, bait like follow the white rabbit in alice in wonderland.

This is a good display it clearly shows what type of products the shop sells, so it sells its brand to the public straight away. However behind the finished designs is a chalkboard full of sketches and design ideas for fashion, this gives the image that the shop is very creative and hat you buy in their is designed purely unique for you.

I love this store window by vivienne Westwood. i don’t quite understand the logic of it, but it creates such a unique aesthetic effect big bubbles hung in what seems o be fishing nets as if perhaps they are caught in air bubbles and the catch of the year.

This is a gruesome  i don’t understand the purpose for this store what so ever, it doesn’t really show me the brand of the store or what they are selling.

This makes me laugh it is so clever for a window display most mannequins and models are compared to barbie unrealistic body figures with bleach blonde hair. Promoting tis with a life size babbie box and barbie mannequins is genius it would definitely intrigue me into the store, because lets face it who secretly doesn’t want to be barbie.


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