To masquerade in life

How different would life be if once in public we wore masquerade masks,and only take them off in the privacy of our own homes. If we were not to fear the consequences of are actions and be held back by our identities what would we become drive to, how would the human race behave i believe very differently for if no one knows who we truly are and where we come from then one is free to strive to any goal with nothing to hold us back.To hide the poverty the imperfections we are so truly judged on day-to-day life. Would we have more achievers  and less cast aways or would this become a mask for the deceitful behaviour our race is becoming known for.  A few years ago i would believe it would make us strive for more and achieve as high as we could in life, but with the way we take advantage of all we can i believe if we were to life our lives as a masquerade now we would plummet and disgrace the human race even more than we have begun to now.


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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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