fashion stand

fashion stand back wall 2:35 high, 8 long 6 wide. The display is at the side of george asda .

Brief: waist-high tables

7 courses: fashion design, fashion promotion, promotion with styling. fashion entrepreneurship, Eastern fashion, fashion brand management, digital design for fashion.

. Need to be able to store and view folios.

.is there a general theme throughout the fashion design still need to be discussed

.90cm gap for wheel chairs

Ideas: possibly bring in a huge prop e.g. a car van make it an interactive theme where people walk in and out.

.play with the idea of silhouette to attract and interest people.

or start with the image of a blank canvas a blank mannequin either project images onto the mannequin or have a frosted see through shed in front with the projected on the sheet with the mannequin shadow fulfilling the design.


maquerade everyone and every mannequin has a white masquerade mask as all identity and each individual brand is hidden as projected design of the fashion is portrayed onto the blank mask the audience becomes the subject. To spoil a great display is other viewers own identity take that away and make people be part of the display.


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