Shoes glorious shoes

Via Venetto Store Interior by Buensalido+Architects.

For our first specialty store to Via Veneto, 30 years old shoe store business, which isshort for her to reclaim a new, modern image for the market. Dilemma initiallyconfronted, has long established a reputation in the retail scene, and as veering too farfrom its original appearance, the market could change that perception for the worst.Therefore we try to find a balance between preservation of some properties and infusethem with newer, which is more contemporary form.

The word ”through” is Italian for street, road or sidewalk. These words are almostidentical to the characteristics of the “movement”. Translated physically, is the feeling ofmovement through a series of undulating curves, which loom over you as you processrepresented in the store. The experience is almost a ritual. These sheets are then linked to different carriers for each other and form a diamond-shaped web facet. Theparralelism diamonds represent the position in the local retail business community – has been in the same way shiny diamonds that were developed by the time it reachesmarking to market, trust through time as well.


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