Attract the bees to the honey

“Located in Shenzhen, China, the Honeycomb Restaurant might have you at first thinking you stepped onto a futuristic movie set – I mean, where else is something like this possible in the real world.  Designed by Japanese based firm, SAKO Architects, the 14,000sq ft and two-story Chinese restaurant has created quite the buzzThe white surfaces of the large space undulate in a place, and form six bands of ‘pleats’ that become the boundary for each space.  In section, they appear like six ‘honeycombs’, leaving guests feeling like small bees in a hive.  Over 1,000 oval shaped holes were created, and create continuity throughout the main dining area.  In addition the restaurant houses a large traditional hall for groups, along with VIP rooms for private parties.

The inner side of the white surface is divided into two levels, consisting of a large room and private rooms.  A spiral staircase penetrates between the levels, and in the center, about twenty-five thousand acrylic balls hang from the 9.2 m ceiling above.  Drops of water dribble along the lines of the acrylic balls, and glitter under the strong ceiling light, creating quite an impressive focal point upon entering.

The unordinary space and avant garde design is accomplished in a red, black, and white color scheme, creating the perfect modern and simple background to showcase the architect’s creative concept.”

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