Lecture 1 city brand

Edith Rigby’s face in the railings on Winckley square.
Sunken soldier in the river to represent the battle.
  • Facts that were featured
  • first X-ray was preformed at preston hospital.
  • Winckley street, first to get gas lighting other than London.
  • Edith Rigby founder of the suffragette lived on Winckley square.
  • Leo Baxindale created sketches for bean comic
  • Joseph livesey was from Preston
  • Nick Park creator of Wallace and Gromit
  • river ribble: 1648 final battle took place here
  • www.citybrand.org
    I love this idea branding an entire city and bringing in a walk as if an outdoor museum is genius. My favourites are the street of shutters on the shops keeping them all one colour scheme and individual designs on them brand each shop individually and keeps them all tied into together creating a inspiring visual collage on the street.Also the peal back chair, it looks as if the flag stone has been peeled back and bent into a curve as a seat and script  written on the floor. i love this it really is an imaginative idea and creates a great over all design effect.I believe inspiration is a huge key to a great designer as for is there is no inspiration then where did your idea spring from and what has it evolved from? This brand is a genius idea as they use history as their inspiration and create a whole design used throughout historical influences tied from the city to create a new look, all past should influence present and future wether its to return to your roots or know what went wrong and how to impend these ideas. City brand has done a magnificent job or tying history and influence and making a great design.

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