Green Bistro interior design in Lengermann & Trieschmann

“Green Bistro interior design in Lengermann & Trieschmann department store in Osnabruck, Germany designed by Fröhlich Jorn designers working in theater and retail design in Berlin, while Siddik Erdogan is an interior designer from Turkey. The collaboration of two designers with a design inspired by natural forms and convey the main idea of bistros that promote healthy green foods. Mixture of naturally enhanced plywood and painted white surface, the functional design of innovative bistro food such as displays, shelf trays, white tulip chairs and tables complement the center of the ceiling design is fantastic as a focal point of conceptual interior. Very beautiful and elegant.”

I love this design it brings creativity to function and display, the design makes it seem like its roots working backwards. The base is a thick trunk with its function of shelving and seating around it and the higher the design goes the more twisted and outwards it becomes as if rots under the ground spreading around the room linking all function and design together with these upside down twisted roots.


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