structure not in architecture, but on naked girls

Triumph Inspiration Awards – 2010

Samantha Adlam (De Montfort); Collision: This was inspired by protons and particles and their collisions through space.

Kate Burreddu (De Montfort); Podastic: Inspired by the structure of plant and insect pods.

Charlotte Davis (De Montfort); Queen in Crystal Armour: Inspired by chess pieces and includes beading.

Laura Haslam (De Montfort); Contemporary Structure: Inspired by British architectures, particularly steel structures. It is a very futuristic design.

Olivia Nanasi (De Montfort); Beautiful Fragile Urchins: Inspired by the texture in nature and of shells, as well as the delicate surface of the female form.

Scarlett Tull (Central Saint Martin); Freestyle Lines:

proof of design evolving fashion inspired by architectural design, not practical for actual use but for design purpose totally practical a new way of thinking through design. Almost as impressive as how skinny that last girl is!! structure and form takes hold of fashion and is steering it in a whole new direction.

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