The results of the second competition to design the New Acropolis Museum have been announced by the Greek government. The competition was won by Bernard Tschumi, a Swiss-born architect now based in New York. His design includes a glass structure which will one day house the Parthenon Marbles when the British government is finally persuaded to return those in its possession to Greece.

The new Acropolis Museum designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects is located in Athens, Greece. 300 metres south east of the Acropolis stands the site of the new Acropolis Museum, due to open on 20 June, exhibiting four thousand artifacts from ancient Athens. Directly linked to the city by the Athens Metro, the museum will provide ten times more space than the original museum on the Rock.

Designed by French architect Bernard Tschumi, aided by local architect Michalis Photiadis, the construction of the 14,000 sq m building has taken five years at a cost of €130million.

The entrance to the Museum is announced with a large concrete canopy protecting a display of archaeological ruins below. The Museum contains the Parthenon Gallery, the glazed exterior of which reflects the Parthenon itself. Elsewhere on the exterior, deep set windows are shielded from the strong glare of Greek sunshine by concrete panels articulating the facade.

Both exterior and interior present bare formed concrete as the primary material. Interior concrete walls on the glass stairway leading to the Archaic Gallery are punctuated with sound proofing pits, while the area is illuminated by natural light provided by the atrium above. Light wells in the ceiling of the Archaic Gallery permit natural light to gently fall upon the statues which will be mounted in this space.

I think this idea of the museum built over the ruins whilst preserving and displaying them is inspiring idea why display aesthetic display or keep the ruins she they are and build around them. This is a diverse idea just building around a subject rather than for a subject, definitely something to ponder about…..



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