notes for research throughout semester 2

  • How has art evolved into what it is now?
  • Look and find more artists theories
  • Who is revolving design around art
  • What artists are doing to be more involved with design
  • Is there an evolution occurring for the “big brother theory”
  • Ask do people want more control in their design have more influences over others perspective
  • Take Darwin’s theory of evolution, this takes place on humanity however when it comes to a design like fashion this seems more of a recycle/refuse theory with added evolutions of style.
  • Look  through history and where fashion wise we are , recycling their tendencies and adding contemporary fixtures too, try to predict the next turn of style look into fashion week and journals.
  • Then look into the next apple breakthrough we have iPod/ipad whats next, or are they going to have numbers continuing after the original product.
  • We have touch basically the new interactions and technologies just involve as much senses as they can, therefore the person feels as much involvement and control over a device/object/subject as they can.
  • We have    touch- touchscreen, sound- speaking to a device, sight, 3D revolution, whats next? taste and smell – will we be able to smell the perfume of whom we are talking to through a screen, will we taste the recipe we are researching?
  • With all these technologies why not eliminate human contact all together?
  • technology takes human contact away from most things now, online shopping, banking, even sex can be controlled through technology.
  • Through the “big brother theory” can we resume human contact without letting ti illuminate it completely.
  • Getting human involvement back to design we create the evolution of design itself.
  • (the big brother theory – the day and age that we are living in is having to have as much interaction over technology as possible, phones you speak to, to control them, t.v.s that are 3D to involve you in the screen, and the fascination off controlling people and their actions and the results that occur from this just taken from such shows as example big brother. Thus creating the evolution of art bringing the recent problems society faces and creating the evolution of bringing contemporary art as a solution for this.Giving back the control and involvement of human behaviour through design without letting technology take over – the big brother theory.

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