Art meets design

L.A. Designers and Artists Collaborate on a Dreamy Exhibition

Participating designers had an unusual opportunity to design with no constraints or parameters, unlike most popular designer showhouses.

Fine art and interior design marry at this season’s “dreamSCAPE,” a conceptual design exhibition hosted by the L.A. Mart Design Center (LAMDC) in conjunction with LOOK Gallery. The exhibit showcases the work of seven top Los Angeles design firms, each paired with local fine artists.

Staged below the gallery’s lofty 20-foot ceilings, the exhibition features a no holds barred series of ethereal designer installations that incorporate furnishings, photography, works on canvas, found objects, and more. The seven unrelated spaces are different and diverse though tied together by the central dream-like theme.

Participating designers had an unusual opportunity to design with no constraints or parameters, unlike most popular designer showhouses, throughout which continuity between designed spaces is required. “dreamSCAPE” encouraged each design team to interpret the given space from their personal perspective, as an interpretation or design statement about the subject of the art.

“We are in a unique position to showcase and support this type of uninhibited creativity here at LAMDC,” said Jeff Sampson, vice president of marketing, L.A. Mart Design Center. “Provocative and aspirational, the dream-like spaces serve to engage the spectator in the design experience, offering a glimpse to the pure vision of  the superior design talent and artistry of fashioning interiors as interpretive expressions of our inner selves.”

Installation designers include Becket Cook, Christopher Gaona, Inc. Interiors, Dan Vickery + Lonni Paul Design, Franklin Studios, Inc., Shimoda Design Group, Stephen Pappas Interiors, and Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design. Featured artists include Jorge Albertella, Claressinka Anderson, Mattia Biagi, Carol Bishop, Joe Davidson, Jimi Gleason, and Bruna Stude.

The exhibition is currently on display and runs through December 3 in the L.A. Mart Design Center’s LOOK Gallery.

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