The evolution of art


IF YOU WANT TO IMMERSE YOURSELF in the art world, there’s no splashier way to do so than as an eager collector, is this true?

With my research through out semester 1 and 2 maybe there is going to be a change in the art worlds perspective, ( if you want to immerse yourself in the art world become a collector) i disagree a see a change in the future why observe the art when one can be the art or observe and manipulate the art.

Take the non functional objects and create the objective perspective, the evolution of art is amongst us.!

Through out technology evolution we now have interaction with technology devices such as having conversations with our phones telling them what to do and how is the weather today? t.v.s now let you watch what ever you want when ever you can also connects you to the internet no need for laptops anymore, speaking of laptops emails have emerged from letters resembling the handwritten personal kind to fee to face idea chats making it seem closer to the people you are connecting with, and then there is the newest fascinating result of technological evolution the touch screen so we have total interaction with our devices, and there is now screens that simulate water and fish swimming in the screen and when you touch the screen the water ripples to simulate actual simulation. With all these new developments in just technology why hash art yet come to this evolution?

We begin with drawings found on the cave walls from the earliest foundation of man, moving to the oil painting before the camera was invented, then paintings of landscapes and scenes which brings the form of entertainment to the art culture. This art tradition sill continues today with it moving into the 3D evolution to bring the art to life with contemporary art and media lighting shows to make art seem more interactive. The next step or do we continue down this the strangest the best art where as my opinion the more pointless the more famous. How about we now become the art human behaviour, perception and variables of design and art it seems the next step for art evolution is time to be evolved, without entering the drama of art performance such as mime or dancing.

Within my research i am going to evolve the way we think about art and deign and how they can combine to create the evolution of human perception to art.


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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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