summaries from semester 1 work


Literature/Contextual review

  • strengths
  • great introduction and you set the scene well with your underlying thoughts that aim to tease us about what could be a very exciting project development.
  • well presented work with a contextualize graphic environment
  • On the whole  well written and a good use of referencing to locate the research data.
  • good evidence of the research feeding your practice – well done

areas to improve/develop

  • I am a little worried that some of the messaging is confused. for example i have no issue with the question about function versus art but wonder about the need to question this in the context of ever decreasing space. The two subjects seem quite disparate and unrelated to the developments of your argument. So try and stay focussed on more central arguments.
  • Too much reliance of web-based reading material in your bibliography.Make sure you find published materials in future and if you get into a position where material os hard to find try rephrasing the question and seek help from LWIS staff (Linda Wadsworth).
  • Try and take work in progress to the tutorials to get advice on crafting the document in time.

assessment criteria

  • ability to apply research methodologies      16(25%)
  • ability to develop analysis, critical position and argument    16(25%)
  • ability to draw conclusions to the work    17(25%)
  • quality of presentation and communication    17(25%)
  • indicative mark    66(100%)

note the weighting of assignment 1 is 40%


reflective diary


  • use of blog to record research and enveloping personal thoughts as the semester progresses are developing well.
  • great layout and visual style for the blog and clever the way you link visitors to the honours portfolio.
  • interesting that the archives have text titles to identify posts and that the home page is all visual representations of the final work for semester 1. Not sure if this was intentional but it certainly develops a sense of hierarchy in the presentation of your work.
  • some great quotes and references to work with
  • some really useful areas of research being sourced to inspire practice work.
  • personal comments are insightful and reflect well your growing knowledge of the subject
  • well done for including the learning agreement and your presentation within the blog
  • well done for including design work so we can see how the research is directly feeding the design process
  • as work progresses your search starts to become more focussed as you need answers to feed the specifics of your project
  • use of archiving works well to reduce linearity of the blog
  • overall a strong sense of engagement in your research and reflection of the subject.

areas to improve/develop

  • use the links section o connect to the web-based materials you have sourced in your research
  • when incorporating visuals (for example honours) remember to save files as screen resolution to speed up navigation
  • a need to rename some of your categories as they better reflect the context of the research study area
  • should have included a bibliography
  • layout of blog is sometimes messy – avoid misalignment in the blog layout

assessment criteria

  • ability to build upon key issues that have been raised in the learning agreement    22(25%)
  • ability to identify connections between the students evolving practices and the practice of others   22(25%)
  • ability to identify relevant research methodologies and application in producing the reflective diary    18(25%)
  • ability to reflect upon issues raised and the progression made by the student over the semester   20(25%)

indicative mark:      82(100%)

note the weighing of assignment 2 is 60%


interior design practice 1 – double module


  • learning agreement – well written and focused learning agreement. You do well to summarise the sections of thinking engaged in to develop your practice. Sets the scene for good works to come.
  • practice proposal controversial and powerful topic for the design proposal.
  • work already developing a sense of drama, connection to the modern world and questioning approach that fits in well with an MA study.
  • life as art could be a great launch pad for the whole MA development and there is still potential with the project if you are willing to get deeper under its skin.


areas for improvement:

  • learning agreement – none
  • practice proposal – whilst you have managed to pull out of the bag a grand finale to the semester there is need for more depth. You do not like the medium of the sketch book and tend to develop ideas a lost immediately you complete and area of research and get started with an idea.
  • instead try sketching ideas that involve people centric discussions with sketches that explore the subject from the user’s perspective. also do some research as ways to present a concept.

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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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