A beginning for semester 2


  • semester 1 learning agreement
  • Looking into modern art and their insights and methodologies on their work, and see whether they can be applied to a more practical design rather than just aesthetics.
  • I have been interested in looking at art and whether there is a place (or need) for functional art. I am also very interested as an interior designer about the boundaries and relationships that exist between art (as a nonfunctional element) and the built environment (which had more clearly defined functional aspects to it).In looking at these issues I hope to better understand design and the balance for functional and non-functional criteria), and how this balance may lead to “better” design.
  • In my research I am investigating the work of two artists who have developed a fascinating philosophical basis for their work which has a resonance with my own subject area of study. They are called Los Carpinteros and this is their philosophy defined “Los Carpinteros incorporate aspects of architecture, design,  and sculpture to create installations and drawings which seek to negotiate the divide between inhabited spaces, social consciousness, and non-functional art objects.”

As a result of the end of semester 1 designs, i came across the results can contemporary art design become the new entertainment? can non functional theories become the new evolution of design and the entertainment of the 21st century is now the design and how it influences behavioural perception.

to start with semester 2 research I am going to begin with the basics of behavioural design and how design influences a persons behaviour beginning with

  • semiotics
  • colours
  • landscaping
  • word methods

aside that I am still going to look into contemporary art, and carry on looking into los carpenters theories but also search for artists and deigns that also are looking into th field of the wist on perception in design using such theories and props from contemporary arts or other non functional objects.


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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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