Gluttony these days is also known as addiction, there are many issues with addiction in these contemporary times. I chose one of the ones that are effecting the world which is binge drinking, binge drinking has become an epidemic that has taken over people drink as much as they can in one sitting over and over. Why do we do this because we can, because we can afford it and because we think are actions aren’t hurting anyone. But what about our bodies they suffer from this massive intake from alcohol, the abuse that people get when we have had to much to drink and not going into too much detail but the amount of accidental pregnancies and std’s that have increased in modern society. So this image is my representation of gluttony the bar lit up so elegantly by the “observation house” to attract people to the light, like bees to honey the people swarm for the atmosphere set and they become the piece of art with gluttonous behaviour.


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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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