Extravagance – Roland Beautre; Claude Berthod

Pg 9

“Extravagance is often absorbed into the baroque, that culture of excess, excrescence, overflow, and theatrically what purists denounce as bein ostentation, psychologists on the contrary diagnose as timidity, as a way of shielding the personality behind objects. Those who feel the heartfelt need for a protective shell so as to be able to be themselves, and who do not shrink before stacks of  bibulous, piles of fabric, and heaps of cushions, call “deserted” apartments from which “ornament” has been banished unavailable and thus, extravagant.”

“Our aesthetic investigations have thus become a kind of walk, half on the wild side and half down memory lane. And we’ve brought back over a hundred snapshots that document taste and offer an invitation to follow ones own ideas and construct an interior without fear of showing ones vulnerability, of making mistakes, of self-contradiction.”

Pg 22

“The poet and his muse, The painter and his model. Ideal couples we know well: the cliche, “woman counts on man to ensure her posterity” (or at least to ensure a good life) is a hardy perennial. Since Pygmalion , the roles have altered somewhat : producer and actress, choreographer and ballerina, conductor and sta soloist. There too, examples are legion and, if its true that in this way everyone knows their place (“her”for a start), then at least everyone is happy(“him” for one),”

This book was very extravagant the imagery was staggering the excess of the designs. I have to say i do like theme designs but personally  extravagant designs would make my head hurt. It is as if the person inhabiting has no thought of their own and portrays a collection that is infused and to busy by adding items from all over, as if the Victorian style is back in “fashion”. Why not have extravagance from your own design collecting items that intrigue you or designs from your experiences rather than borrowing some one elses aesthetic vision.

n theory i still believe a good design is ones own design as it becomes more personal rather than most pointless extravagance just for the sake of making ones life seem fuller. Don’t get me wrong the images presented in this book are beautiful but i am al bout the practical theory with personal meanings. As long as the designs arent imposed on some one living space just because they think it gives their home a more theatrical value. You home should represent you weather that’s simplistic or filled with exotic artifacts as long as its relevent to your experience.


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