Aesthetics and Language – William Elton – Basil Blackwell.Oxford

Pg 17

“The job of philosophical aesthetics would be to articulate the essence of Art as one grade of spirit (this means, as a rule, equating it with imaginative activity) and to exclude from the category of Art those features, ordinary ascribed to works of art or to artistic creation or enjoyment, which cannot be comprised within this essence or equation.”

“If we begin with the assumption the Art is essentially one grade or activity of spirit, then we are faced with some pretty obvious difficulties. For, to common sense, the word “Art” suggests a complex situation in which three distinct factors are involved: artist or artistic activity, works of art, and the enjoyment of works of art.Idealist aesthetics, given its initial assumptions is committed to reducing this triadic situation to unity to monastic act (Art being, by definition, a grade or activity of spirit).

Pg 36 – The dreariness of aesthetics by J.A. Passmore

“British philosophers, with some few exceptions pay little attention to aesthetics; it does not figure largely in mind, nor is it considered a disgrace to a philosophy department when aesthetics forms no part of its curriculum.”

Pg 73 – The expression theory of art by O.K. Bouwsma

“The expression theory of art is, i suppose, the most commonly held of all theories of art. Yet no statement of it stems to satisfy many of those who expound it. And some of us find all statements of it battling.”

Reading this book it occurred to me how important language is when used to describe art. Just the wrong word can give a piece of at a whole new idea behind it. The expression of a theory behind a piece of art is crucial, because one first has to decide is the ar objective or non objective. If it is objective the main title or sentence to first set the image of the design is crucial, it has to inspire the imagination and use te correct language to influence interpretation on he observer without portraying too much direct information of ones own interpretation.


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