7 sins


There is no reason you should not enjoy your own genuine abilities and genuine achievements. “Pride” is not a sin when it merely involves taking satisfaction in a job done well — nobody ever hurt anybody else over this. But we make ourselves and others unhappy by demanding attention and recognition, or by not asking for help and guidance when we need it.


 Everybody knows how miserable we make ourselves when we compare ourselves unfavorably to others. Perhaps we learn to do this when our parents try to influence our behavior by making comparisons with kids that they want us to be like. And it’s human nature to want what others have, especially when we consider ourselves better-qualified and more deserving.

Envy is always painful (unlike pride), and it’s caused many people to do horrible things… and even to be pleased that they have done so.


Wrath, like envy, has a lot to do with what’s wrong in our world. And it’s not confined to egalitarian societies. Now, communities do not have to be passive when they are wronged. Usually there are laws to help us, and democracies seem to be respectful of the legitimate interests of their minorities. But people may define themselves in terms of their individual or group hatreds.

We all get angry. We need to be able to do this in order to survive and to communicate.


Traditional depictions of sloth are laziness, the person who doesn’t do his or her job or attend to the household needs.


To always want more of everything nothing is ever enough.


Better known as addiction these days.There is no need to explain how addictions of all kinds hurt those around the addict. The usual cure for an addiction is another addiction.The good addictions are as much fun as the bad ones, and are much better for me and those around me.


In Dante’s story about the ascent to heaven, he discovers that some souls avoid some of the deadly sins, but that every adult does at least some penance for sexual misbehavior.Only a few religionists insist that all sexual expression be within marriage and only for the purpose of bearing children. But many (not all) forms of sexual expression are likely to hurt people. Today we’re told (wrongly, I think) that we’re not complete, fulfilled people if we do not “get our loving”, or that we do not need to love responsibly.

Why am i looking into the 7 deadly sins – because this has a huge part in my semester 1 brief and also the issues of todays society e.g. the riots happened recently this would have been fuelled b a sin.


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