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“In their work the artists incorporate aspects of architecture, design, and sculpture to create installations and drawings that “negotiate the space between the functional and the nonfunctional,” where they derive their “inspiration from the physical world” and express their interest in the intersection of art and society in a humorous manner.”

This really intrigues me the space between functional and non functional space, when does a piece of design go to far to the point where the function becomes purely pointless.?

“Currently on view at Sean Kelly Gallery is the project Rumba Muerta by artist duo Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodriguez a.k.a. Los Carpinteros.  The duo was formed in 1991 (along with then-collaborator Alexandre Arrechea) and the artists choose to work under the name Los Carpinteros in order to renounce the socially problematic ideology of individual authorship.  Instead, the collective name evokes the cultural tradition of skilled artisans—in this case, carpentry.  Indeed, the notion of craft is crucial to their practice, as is that of design.  With Rumba Muerta Los Carpinteros incorporate aspects of architecture, design,  and sculpture to create installations and drawings which seek to negotiate the divide between inhabited spaces, social consciousness, and non-functional art objects.”

A divide between inhabited spaces the social consciousness of the inhabited space and fitting non functional art methods into these.

Have i just found my brief?

. First find and inhabited space that we are socially connected to  then to create a social connection using the theories of modern art.

.Client general public to begin with to create social interaction


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