Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern

 “Much of the work is travel inspired, and an obvious appreciation of world and native art methods is what gives much of his work its substance. His use of found items is reworked again in “Chicotes” which is comprised of burst tyres found on roads in Mexico. Whether intentionally formed with this in mind, or whether by chance, we immediately drew comparisons with Cornelia Parkers “Thirty Pieces of Silver” which is also housed in the Tate Modern. Yet again it is an apparently chance meeting of form and order, with Orozco providing an everyday counterpart to Parker’s otherworldly, dream-like silver.”

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The comparison

 “Another wonderful piece by Cornelia Parker was her work called “30 Pieces of Silver.”  In this work she took items that someone might use everyday such as, forks, plates, and other pieces of silver and then she went to the extreme of having it all rolled over by a steam rolling.  She displayed the items in 30 different circular forms and had each suspended from the ceiling.  These 30 circular forms of silver take up an entire room.  The ideas that she comes up with are amazing, as well as the meaning behind each of her works.  In this work she took something that had so much use and wealth associated with it and then she completely destroyed all that meaning by taking away the value of the objects.”


Both pieces of these artwork are excellent examples of what my project is about surely these pieces can be more practical and useful to modern design rather than just being an exhibit piece. If exhibit pieces could be used after show surely this would be more practical and each piece would become unique one of a kind.


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