Art vs Design

Whats the difference between art and design?

Art can be personal to the artist and does not have to be understood by all who view it. Art can have many perspectives people see different aspects of art giving it different meanings, and some do not understand or appreciate it at all.

Where as design has to be understood  by the public for it to be a successful. If a design is to complicated or does not make sense it would not be used as it was designed for. This wouldn’t attract people and would soon be replaced with a better design.

This is why not many appreciate modern art but contemporary design is design is popular throughout homes and social spaces. However  i am intrigued by the theories behind modern art and think they can contribute more to contemporary design.


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I am currently doing my Masters in interior design, this blog is to reflect and inspire my progress through out my time on the course. View all posts by hannahruthkellett

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