Practical contamporary design

“Canopy was a temporary structure built with green bamboo in the courtyard of P.S.1, a contemporary art and music venue whose weekly Warm Up music parties attract 8,000 revelers every Saturday in the summer. Museum goers lounge, play, and dance to some of the most avant-garde dj’s and groups to visit New York. The weekday and Sunday audience is quieter: students, and families with children. Overall, Canopy was host to more than 100,000 visitors during its five months of existence, during which time it underwent a slow transformation as the freshly cut green bamboo turned from green to tan. This rapid transformation emphasized Canopy’s brevity, allowing visitors to experience the effects of time in a direct and tactile way.
            The English word canopy refers to both the overarching covering of a sky and the uppermost region of a forest. The architects developed the idea of a “deep landscape” to stitch together the limits of the existing site (ground, concrete walls, sky) with one material. Canopy relied on a singular tectonic system for shade, structure, and atmosphere. Pinches in the undulating lattice produced a range of shadow densities and patterns across the courtyard. Dips in the canopy defined rooms open to the sky, each with a distinct climatic environment for different modes of lounging: Pool Pad incorporated a large wading pool; Fog Pad was surrounded by nozzles that spread a halo of cool mist on revelers; Rainforest featured a sound environment and misters that provided intermittent rain showers and randomly soaked the crowd; and Sand Hump’s sandy cove maximized exposure to either sun or shade.”


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