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modern times

“In some moment in their lives old buildings must be reformed and rehabilitated so that they meet today’s standards of pragmatism fr homes designed to be lived in.”

This has become a trend within people, they feel the need to be reformed and rehabilitated to keep updated with modern living. But if we are for ever-changing the way we are do we not eventually loose ourselves?

Putting that into the context of a building if we are for ever reforming buildings will it not eventually loose its original identity?

8 Seconds

They say on a website/blog you get 8 seconds on an average before someone decides to stay or leave your site, that’s it 8 seconds to make your impression. I think this also applies to interiors. You get 8 seconds before the design gets judged and they make up their mind on how long they are going to stay and if they want to return.

Early days but does this interest you within the 8 seconds im given??


“Freedom to design your own home so that it meets your need in this radically changing society.”

With new modern design the new style icon is all about light, more to the point natural light and the effect of open plan living . Opening up spaces,making design less cluttered so that ligh is the main feature of design.

     A more common design in these modern times is,

“intergrating the kitchen into the living and eating zone……to ensure all family members participate in the food preparation and to break down the obsolete rule that confines cooking to a closed off area.”

This demonstrating that not just human bahaviour has moved on from traditional times, where the kitchen was once cornered off in wealthier traditional times. Where staff would work out of sight in the kitchen for the residents of the household. However now design in the home represents the change and progression of the human behviour. Open plan homes premote that the kitchen is no longer a place to show inferiorrity in the home but now a place to show superiorioty with new gadgets and materials. Being in th kitchen has becom the new trend, famous restuarants having their kitchens on display showing the kitchen staff in all superiorness preparing meals as they suggest with the price tags for only certain classes of people to afford.

“In most cases the people who live in a home let their tastes and personal hobbies come through in the adorning details rather than in the structure and overall planning.”

“To often interiors are designed ignoring the architecture and the context, as if the inside of a residence were totally isolated from the outside.”

“This globalization, today on everybodys tongue, has been paralleled in the knocking down of walls within flats to create unique muli use spaces which allow the light to reach everywhere.”

Knocking down walls is the metaphor for knocking down barriors and creating relationships.Opning up more spaces for new light to be shed on the world to open our eyes and change our perspective view of what we are doing to this planet.

   In interiors the relationship is between the rooms and the communication between residents from these merges. Knocking down walls, opening up spaces letting the light in on the iterior, this is the design that humanity should reflect more in our actions towards the earth.

Old materials, new ideas

“Combining diverse colours and materials when decorating a home always enhances the aestetics and the mood. Dynamic interiorsare crated by interesting sbtleties that make dullness impossible.”