Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

1st blog 8)

Need to get stuck in and find a project and an area of design…. hmmmmm…

     I want to design something different that wil influence in making a change in design, i saw a project today which wasabout space and how we use it, this was about taking back air space for the public creating life like wins so people can sore the skies like birds do.

  Thinking about we move through spaces it is very controlled there isn’t much freedom whe it comes to how we travel to places and what methods we can use to do so. Maybe there can b a project in this?? with out examing the obvious public tranport design.

    Learning about semiotics today is very interesting i may start on researchinng more on that and then how you can apply this to different settings and see where that could take me for my project. I dont think i want to go down the commercial or domestic route with interiors but more entrainment, such as exhibitions,theatrical however researching into this i could completely change my mind.

  We got asked the question today what are we good at, the main thing that stuck out to me was i can draw so when it comes to explaining and presenting ideas this will be included to start to show my own unique style.